2014 VINZ Rally Whangarei – Gallery

The stunning weather and fast pace, made for some fantastic images from round 1 of the 2014 Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship driven by VINZ.

Check out the action caught on camera by our photographer Euan Cameron over the course of the weekend.

Full gallery here: http://www.nzrallychampionship.co.nz/photos/

WD4E1922_RMason (800x531)

The Mason’s on full attack on route to victory. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography

WD4E5978_NZRC Podium (800x531)

The NZRC podium after a hard fought VINZ Rally Whangarei. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography


Matt & Nicole Summerfield slide through the Whangarei roads on way to a career best 2nd. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography


Lance Williams was impressive on debut, with 3rd overall in his NZRC debut. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography


Fantastic scenery in the Far North, as Ron Davey’s Escort leaves a trail of dust down the hillside. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography


Tauranga’s David Holder was the star of leg 1 taking the challenge to Richard Mason. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography


Graeme Featherstone on his way to a 4th overall finish. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography


Sloan Cox on maximum attack. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography


The nighttime Pohe Island stage was a spectator favourite, Dylan Turner & Malcolm Read lift a wheel. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography


Dave Strong kicking up the dust in the screaming Fiesta S2000 Photo: Euan Cameron Photography

Victory celebrations for the Classic podium placers. Photo: Euan Cameron Photography


Full gallery here: 


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The New Zealand Rally Championship is this country’s premier nationwide rally championship. It attracts New Zealand’s best drivers to compete in numerous categories for the prestigious MotorSport New Zealand-sanctioned rally championship titles. In 2019, there are six NZRC rounds, each with a unique character reflecting the diverse regions – from Northland to Otago.