Paddon helps Hyundai, team score titles

Hayden Paddon in action during Rally New Zealand 2022. Photo / Geoff Ridder

Hayden Paddon has helped Hyundai win the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship manufacturers’ title and Paddon Rallysport to the Teams’ championship.

The one-time WRC rally winner was at his dominant best in 2022 – winning all five rounds of the championship that he contested.

His victory in Friday’s fifth round on the opening leg of Repco Rally New Zealand earned the Cromwell-based driver his unprecedented sixth national title but his sublime driving in the wet across the weekend also ensured Hyundai captured the coveted manufacturers’ title as well.

Partnering with the impressive Ari Pettigrew to form the Paddon Rallysport team this season, the pair cruised to the teams’ title by a whopping 73 points.

Pettigrew, who looks to be a likely future champion himself, finished a terrific season third in the standings in his first season competing in a 4WD car. He also claimed the NZRC Junior championship in the process, edging Jack Hawkeswood.

JP van Der Meys held off the challenge from Lukas Ramsay to win the Rookie championship – the pair battling all season in the NZRC Group N 2WD class.

Veteran driver Dave Strong just missed out to Dan Haines in the Open 2WD battle but did win the Gold Card championship – beating Shane Murland by 40 points.

Full season results

Overall NZRC and 4WD drivers’ championship
1. Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 178
2. Ben Hunt (Skoda) 116
3. Ari Pettigrew (Holden) 105

Overall NZRC and 4WD co-drivers’ championship
1. John Kennard (Hyundai) 148
2. Tony Rawstorn (Skoda) 116
3. Jason Farmer (Holden) 105

2WD drivers’ championship
1. Dylan Thomson (Ford) 144
2. John Silcock (Mazda) 115
3. Charlie Evans (Honda) 93

2WD co-drivers’ championship
1. Bayden Thomson (Ford) 144
2. Donna Elder (Mazda) 115
3. Matt Priest (Ford) 91

Overall Rally Challenge drivers’ championship
1. Jeff Ward (Subaru) 112
2. Brynley Smith (Mitsubishi) 96
3. Jonty Brenssell (Toyota) 85

Overall Rally Challenge co-drivers’ championship
1. Murray O’Neill (Subaru) 112
2. Andy Beck (Mitsubishi) 96
3. Daph O’Rourke (Toyota) 85

NZRC Group N 2WD drivers’ championship
1. Dylan Thomson (Ford) 157
2. Charlie Evans (Honda) 122
3. JP van Der Meys (Ford) 93

NZRC Group N 2WD co-drivers’ championship
1. Bayden Thomson (Ford) 157
2. Troy Twomey (Ford) 93
3. Jared Hudson (Ford) 90

Open 2WD drivers’ championship
1. Daniel Haines (Ford) 141
2. Dave Strong (Honda) 121
3. Brent Taylor (Toyota) 93

Open 2WD co-drivers’ championship
1. Matt Priest (Ford) 141
2. Chris Ramsay (Toyota) 93
3. Kim Raggett (Toyota) 88

Historic 2WD drivers’ championship
1. John Silcock (Mazda) 173
2. Anthony Jones (Ford) 99
3. Shane Murland (Ford) 92

Historic 2WD co-drives’ championship
1. Donna Elder (Mazda) 173
2. Zoe Jones (Ford) 99
3. Kane Seymour (Ford) 92

Rally Challenge 4WD drivers’ championship
1. Jeff Ward (Subaru) 113
2. Brynley Smith (Mitsubishi) 98
3. Sean Haggerty (Subaru) 75

Rally Challenge 4WD co-drivers’ championship
1. Murray O’Neill (Subaru) 113
2. Andy Beck (Mitsubishi) 98
3. Bella Haggerty (Subaru) 75

Rally Challenge 2WD drivers’ championship
1. Jonty Brenssell (Toyota) 120
2. Jono Shapley (Toyota) 96
3. Zeal Jones (Subaru) 74

Rally Challenge 2WD co-drivers’ championship
1. Daph O’Rourke (Toyota) 120
2. Austen Jones (Subaru) 74
3. Leanne Williams (Mitsubishi) 54

Rally Challenge Group A drivers’ championship
1. Chris Lockyear (Mitsubishi) 60
2. Simon Bell (Subaru) 31
3. Sean Haggerty (Subaru) 30

Rally Challenge Group A co-drivers’ championship
1. Sean Lockyear (Mitsubishi) 60
2. Warwick Martin (Subaru) 31
3. Bella Haggerty (Subaru) 30

NZRC Junior drivers’ championship
1. Ari Pettigrew (Holden) 122
2. Jack Hawkeswood (Toyota) 113
3. Jonty Brenssell (Toyota) 78

NZRC Rookie drivers’ championship
1. JP van Der Meys (Ford) 101
2. Lukas Ramsay (Ford) 91
3. Dave Ollis (Subaru) 90

Gold Card drivers’ championship
1. Dave Strong (Honda) 115
2. Shane Murland (Ford) 75
3. Brian Green (Mitsubishi) 66

Manufacturers’ championship
1. Hyundai 125
2. Skoda 113
3. Toyota 100

Teams’ championship
1. Paddon Rallysport (Hayden Paddon/Ari Pettigrew) 274
2. North Canterbury (Robbie Stokes/John Silcock) 201
3. Dogs and Horses (Charlie Evans/Brent Taylor) 194


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